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 Isonet is the solo electronica project from artist and musician ‘Thoby Davis’. Coming from a musical family Thoby was trained as a classical violinist and singer from an early age. He picked up guitar in his mid teenage years and soon began writing songs and playing in bands. In his mid 20s, Thoby started playing hand percussion instruments and eventually discovered the djembe which he enjoyed playing along to early dance music records, often bringing it along to festivals and club nights. But it was the discovery of  the Roland ‘Handsonic’ electronic hand percussion instrument, with its range of electronic and ethnic sounds which allowed Thoby to fuse his passion for live drumming and electronic dance music. Thoby’s early electronica experiments with musicians ‘Michael Young Temple’ (Triamethyst) and ‘David Moule’ (The DMT Experiment) saw him begin to incorporate other musical gadgets such as the Korg ‘Kaossilator Pro’, an ‘all-in-one synth, drum machine and loop station allowing the music to grow in sound and complexity. But it wasn’t until Thoby got his first iPad that the music began to really develop. Although still relatively new technology, in the early 2010s the iPad was beginning to be taken seriously as a music tool. Thoby began experimenting with some exciting music apps on the market such as ‘DM1’ drum machine, ‘Sunrizer’ synthesizer and Novation Launchpad, and it seemed that the technology was constantly being updated with new sounds, new apps helping the music evolve to deeper and deeper levels.Thoby’s electronic music was becoming a multi-layered tapestry of sounds, rich in complexity and timbre and judging by the many through the night jam sessions, was a highly addictive experience!

And to this day Thoby continues to compose, record and just ‘jam’ electronic music. Initially choosing the name ‘I-Amethyst’, given the increasing scope of the music, Thoby soon found the name to be too limiting, so after a great deal of searching he eventually discovered the name ‘Isonet’. The philosophy is electronic musical exploration with freedom to play whatever sounds seem right in the simply play and enjoy the incredible range of sounds at his finger tips. Having enjoyed a really productive 2019 with live performances for 'Pi and Hash promotions' 'Modulus and Argument Records' and 'Tactile Bosch in venues such as 'The Moon club' Cardiff and 'Cardiff Museum' ‘Isonet’ is at an exciting time with many new releases on the way including an hour long techno video, collaborations with Gemini Anderson and fellow ‘Akb’al’ guitarist ‘Ham Alvey’! 2020 promises to be a year even more musical exploration...




30.07.21 - 01.08.21

Landed Festival, Powys, UK



Support for Henge, Nos Da, Cardiff, UK


Modulus and Argument Records presents, 3hr set, Porters, Cardiff, UK


Cardiff Museum Lates Festival, 3hr set, Cardiff Museum, Cardiff, UK

02.08.19 - 04.08.19

Landed Festival, Powys, UK


Under The Counter Culture Festival hosted by Tactile Bosch, 3hr set, Cardiff, UK


3hr set at Bard' Up, Chamonix, FR



Link To Isonet's other musical project


Music, Video, Artwork Copyright: Thoby Davis

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